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Hi all! I’m Rachel, owner of Rachel Dale Photography, and chocolate connoisseur. I am a portrait and wedding photographer in southern Oregon and around the Pacific Northwest! I started my business about 7 years ago and haven’t looked back since. It all started with a love of taking pictures before I can remember. An old Canon PowerShot and a subject, and I was all over it. Fast forward to three babies in 3 years and you have a recipe for a tired, depressed mama and some much needed change. Photography was my refuge and a place that I could not have imagined would feed my soul. I was already passionate about photography from my years of snapping pictures, but as I learned, I unraveled that picture taking was less about beautiful and more about the story. Less about me and more about others. Through weddings, engagements, babies being born and watching families grow and change, I’ve captured so much beauty, not just because of my images, but because of the life that happens around me. It’s been quite a journey, and I know it’s just getting started.

So what other interesting things are there about me? Well, for one, I love my husband. We met when I was 18 and we were married a year later. Basically, we grew up, changed, yelled and loved each other all through those early years, and after 11 years of marriage we are still learning, although a bit more gently. Our marriage has been spent welcoming our four kiddos (ages 10,8,7 and 5) and we celebrated our last diaper change a year and a half ago with great joy. We’re new to the Southern Oregon area and we are so excited to start this new journey with our family! We love to live intentional lives with our children; we homeschool (or rather I homeschool); we hike, run, play, spend time with our kitties, and build and do crafts. Some might say I am a hippy mother that cares far too much about real food and natural health care. Others may say that I am too obsessed with tea and chocolate. I guess I can’t argue with either, but what I really love is my family. God has blessed me with my sweet tribe, and I am surely grateful.

Enough about me and now to you. Whether you are engaged, married, or growing a family I would love to hear your story and your whys in life. I’d love to see if we can capture something beautiful and most of all I’d love to be a little part of telling your messy, wonderful, perfect story.

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