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When it comes to wedding catering in southern Oregon we have some of the best in the country! With locally grown ingredients, plenty of organic, non-GMO and sustainable options, gluten-free, allergy-friendly or Kosher, you can get a truly personalized and farm-to-table experience. We have full-time caterers, local restaurants that can cater any event, and even specialty food trucks that can offer a really unique culinary experience for your guests!

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Savoring Southern Oregon’s Bounty: Wedding Catering Extravaganza

In the vibrant tapestry of Southern Oregon, the culinary journey for a perfect wedding feast is a delightful exploration of diverse catering options. From Medford to Ashland, Grants Pass to Klamath Falls, and Roseburg, the region offers a rich culinary landscape, presenting a plethora of choices to fulfill every couple’s unique tastes and desires.

Catering Choices and Cuisine

Southern Oregon’s catering scene is a true epicurean paradise, presenting an extensive array of culinary delights. Couples are spoiled for choice, with catering companies offering an assortment of cuisines. Whether it’s the delectable Mediterranean flavors, the aromatic spices of Asian cuisine, the comforting embrace of American classics, or the zestful tastes of Latin dishes, the options are as varied as the region’s landscapes.

Local, Organic, and Non-GMO Ingredients

Embracing the farm-to-table ethos, many catering companies in Southern Oregon pride themselves on utilizing local, organic, and non-GMO ingredients. This emphasis ensures that the dishes served at weddings embody the freshness and authenticity of the region’s produce, providing an elevated dining experience that reflects the area’s natural bounty.

Special Dietary Needs

Caterers in the region acknowledge the importance of catering to various dietary needs. Options often include gluten-free dishes, accommodating guests with dietary restrictions without compromising on taste or quality.

From the bustling town of Medford to the artistic hub of Ashland, the scenic charm of Grants Pass, the serene beauty of Klamath Falls, and the quaint allure of Roseburg, each locale in Southern Oregon offers a diverse selection of catering companies. Couples can explore and select from a variety of catering services, each with its unique approach to crafting unforgettable culinary experiences for weddings.

The amalgamation of flavors, the use of fresh, locally sourced ingredients, and the dedication to providing top-tier service contribute to making the dining experience at weddings in Southern Oregon an unparalleled delight. As couples embark on their culinary journey, they are met with a smorgasbord of options that ensure their special day is flavored with the very best the region has to offer.

Olive Garden Italian Kitchen

3125 Crater Lake Hwy
Medford, OR 97504
(541) 857-1733
Italian Favorites, beautifully catered.

The Point Pub & Grill

1345 Center Drive, Medford, OR 97502

(541) 816-4395
311 East Pine Street, Central Point, OR 97502

(541) 665-9015
It all started in 2013 when a group of friends in the restaurant industry decided to open a neighborhood pub and grill by purchasing the historic Rostel Building in downtown Central Point, Oregon. After much success, the group has since opened additional locations in Medford and Bend. The Point’s mission is to be the world’s best neighborhood pub and grill experience. Being the best means providing outstanding quality, service, cleanliness, and value, so that we make every customer smile and say “I’ll be back!”.


Applegate, OR
(508) 439-7048
The art of creating a beautiful and delicious grazing table is my passion. The goal is to keep the wedding party and all guests fed and happy in the most aesthetically pleasing way. Grazing tables satisfy any and all diets, perfect pair for cocktail hour or great for before and after ceremony.

2 Good Cooking Chicks

2736 Cedar Links Dr.
Medford, OR 97504
(541) 821-2516

All Smoked Out BBQ

Medford, OR
(541) 301-1790

Ashland Gourmet Catering

2325 Siskiyou Blvd.
Ashland, OR 97520
(541) 622-2761

Ashland Springs Hotel - Catering

212 East Main St.
Ashland, OR 97520
(541) 488-1700 x1006

Auntie Carol’s Hawaiian Cafe and Catering

130 E Main St.
Medford, OR 97501
(541) 245-0555

Back Porch Bar & Grill

605 N 5th St.
Jacksonville, OR 97530
(541) 899-8821

Cartwright’s Market - Grants Pass

825 Union Ave.
Grants Pass, OR 97527
(541) 479-0321

Cartwright’s Market - Medford

745 Stewart Ave.
Medford, OR 97501
(541) 500-1469

Chipotle Mexican Grill

7 Rossanley Dr.
Medford, OR 97501
(541) 772-0787

Confident Caterers

48 S Stage Rd.
Medford, OR 97501
(541) 773-6209

DB Barbecue

Medford, OR
(541) 210 – 5111

Emily's Kitchen

14553 OR-238
Jacksonville, OR 97530
(206) 226-8385

Festive Catering, LLC

Roseburg, OR
(541) 680-5888

Food; With Pride

333 N Pioneer St.
Ashland, OR 97520
(541) 973-0450

Goodness Gracious Cafe & Catering

221 SW G St.
Grants Pass, OR 97526
(541) 956-4116

Heart Full Catering

Ashland, OR
(541) 690-6533

Jefferson Farm Kitchen by Chef Kristen

135 S. Oregon Street
Jacksonville, OR 97530
(541) 531-6740

Kaylins Kitchen Catering

2630 Wyatt Dr.
Medford, OR 97501
(541) 646-0657

Las Palmas Mexican Cuisine & Catering

210 E California St.
Jacksonville, OR 97530
(541) 899-9965

Mucho Gusto Mexican Kitchen

1251 E McAndrews Rd.
Medford, OR 97504
(541) 225-7461

Papa Terall's BBQ & Catering

531 NE E St.
Grants Pass, OR 97526
(541) 660-3348

Platon's Kardiamu Kitchen

4042 W Griffin Creek Rd.
Medford, OR 97501
(541) 973-7009

PourHorse Cantina

Klamath Falls, OR
(541) 331-8865

Rosario's Italian Restaurant

2221 W Main St.
Medford, OR 97501
(541) 773-2230

Smokin Friday BBQ

368 NE Garden Valley Blvd.
Roseburg, OR 97470
(541) 673-4945

Vinny's Italian Kitchen

970 N Phoenix Rd. Ste 104
Medford, OR 97504
(541) 772-3668

Yummy's Cowboy Cuisine

135 E Front St
Merrill, OR 97633
(541) 798-5700