Southern Oregon Live Wedding Music & Live Bands

If you want live music at your wedding, then you’re in luck! Southern Oregon has some of the most skilled musicians in the business. You’re sure to find a Southern Oregon band with a style that’s uniquely you.

Undoubtedly, you have a certain type of music in mind for your wedding. Chamber and classical music is especially nice for background tunes throughout your event. We have instrumental and acoustic groups as well as skilled pianists and vocalists. Of course, our high-class string quartets and cultured duos and trios play classic tunes. But what if that’s not your style? We have everything from country-western and bluegrass to classic rock bands to hip-hop and R&B artists. No matter what your music tastes, we can deliver!

Many couples choose music to represent their culture and heritage. Southern Oregon has a wide range of ethnocultural musicians available. Are you looking for Latin music to celebrate your Central or South American origins? Do you need a skilled percussionist, harpist, or vocalist familiar with a variety of African music styles? If you’re Asian you may want an expert on the strings. From Native American flutists to Scottish bagpipers to Celtic fiddlers, our musicians to represent many cultural backgrounds.

The style of music you choose sets the tone for the day. From traditional to modern music styles, your walk down the aisle is always harmonious with Southern Oregon’s live bands. And don’t forget the reception! Get the dancing started with one of our talented cover bands. Whether it’s funk, pop, rock, disco, R&B, swing, or oldies, music is a must for your after party! Music is one of the most important elements of your ceremony, from the ceremony to the reception. For every moment of your wedding day, you’ll find the perfect live band in Southern Oregon.

The Ashlings

1584 NW Ithaca Avenue
Bend, OR 97701
(541) 604-0246

Featuring cello, guitar and lush harmonies, the Ashlings have a classical wedding repertoire and can also play a fun set during the reception including a selection of Americana, Irish and original songs.

Ashland Wedding Music & More

Ashland, OR
(541) 482-1863

Coleen & Co.

Roseburg, OR
(541) 430-1990

Crystal & Flynn

Violin + Cello Duo
Medford, OR

Dirk Price Music

Ashland, OR
(541) 552-9605

Encore Five

Medford, OR
(541) 301-1077

Heavenly Harps

Ashland, OR
(808) 870-6050

Ivory Harp

Medford, OR

Kathy Boyd & Phoenix Rising

Medford, OR
(503) 936-8480

Maraval Road

Ashland, OR
(541) 210-0117


Feat. Lynda Morrison
Medford, OR
(541) 944-6756

Music from the Heart of the Rose

Emerald Fire Productions
Rogue Valley, OR / Grants Pass, OR

Night Life Band

Medford, OR
(301) 237-9993

Oracle 88 - Adey

Central Point, OR
(510) 999-8012

Scott William Perry

Medford, OR
(541) 661-6539

String Poets

Roseburg, OR
(202) 465-2310

The Gayle Wilson Band

Ashland, OR